Parking in Malaysia

Information on parking regulations in Malaysia and how to pay a parking fine...

Parking areas are designated zones in Malaysia. Some parking areas are municipal and others are private. Off-street parking is also normal.

Parking costs vary depending on the city but are reasonable. Municipal parking uses meters which take coins. Monthly parking permits can be purchased from local councils. Coins accepted by parking meters are 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents. Some municipal car parks do not have parking meters . Ticket collectors write tickets and place them on the windscreen of the car. These tickets can be paid at the booth located in the car park. Fines for failing to display a ticket in a regulated parking bay or car park are issued and collected by the Municipal Council or company responsible for the parking facility.

Single and double yellow lines at the side of the road indicate that parking is not allowed.

Parking illegally

Some areas are tow-away and clamping zones, which are clearly indicated. When a car is clamped, a fine of around MYR 50.00 must first be paid at the municipal office or police station. An officer then unclamps the car and releases it.

When a car is towed away, a fine has to be paid at the municipal office or police station. In addition, towing charges and storage have to be paid.

A parking summons issued by the police or municipality has to be paid at the respective offices. Failure to pay fines means that the road tax cannot be renewed the following year when it expires. Fines then have to be paid with an extra penalty.