Road Traffic Accidents in Malaysia

Information on what to do when you have a road traffic accident: who to call and the information required for insurance claims after a car crash...

In the event of a serious accident with injuries contact the police;

  • Tel: 999

Malaysia has a high rate of traffic accidents. In the event of an accident it is advised that those involved in an accident park their vehicles in a safe place to avoid further accidents or traffic jams. Turn on hazard lights if facing oncoming traffic. Call the ambulance or police if anyone is injured. Take down the following information from any other drivers involved in the accident:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Name, address and contact telephone number
  • Date and time of accident
  • Details of insurance company and policy number
  • Contact details for any witnesses
  • Details of any injured persons

It is also necessary to file a police report detailing the accident within 24 hours and inform the vehicle's insurance company to make a claim.