Employment Pass for Expatriates

Information on the employment pass expatriate programme in Malaysia...

It is possible for foreigners to work in Malaysia via the expatriate programme. In Malaysia, an expatriate is classed as a foreigner qualified to fill the following type of posts:

  1. A top managerial position in a foreign owned company based in Malaysia.
  2. A professional or mid-level managerial post.
  3. A highly skilled non-executive post.

An expatriate must hold a job offer in the country from a sponsoring company. Automatic approval is given to people who meet the above criteria and are paid above a certain amount each month. The job offer must be for employment that lasts for a minimum of two years and meets the scheme's minimum salary requirement. There is no age limit on applications to enter Malaysia as an expatriate. Applicants must hold a passport which is valid for at least 18 months.

The Expatriate Committee (EC) or the relevant authorities must first give approval for a foreign worker to fill the position.

An Employment Pass is also subject to a minimum contract period, usually two years, and a minimum monthly salary. Fees apply, which are charged on a yearly basis. There is also a processing fee, which is paid at the time of application.

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  • For details about requirements, fees, and how to apply: Click here

Applicants should also apply for a Dependent Pass for any eligible family members they wish to live with them in Malaysia. Dependent passes are granted to the following family members of the holder of an employment pass: husband or wife, children under the age of 21, disabled children, and adopted children.

  • For information on how to apply for a Dependent Pass and the documents needed: Click here

i Pass

An i-Pass is currently being implemented and replaces the i-Card for expatriates. It is an identification document issued to foreigners working in Malaysia on an Employment Pass.

The i-Pass is obtained from the local Immigration Office, where applicants have their photograph and thumbprints taken. Holders of an i-Pass do not need to carry their passport when travelling within Malaysia.