Bringing Up Babies and Children in Malta

Everything for parents with young children living in Malta: with information on health matters, child benefits and childcare...

Toddler Health

The health of young children in Malta is closely monitored by GPs. Parents are free to choose their family doctor, who will refer the child to a specialist doctor if required.

There is a free vaccination programme in Malta. A list of vaccines, and when they are administered, is available on the Maltese Paediatric Association website (PDF). Further information about the National Immunisation Service is available on the government health portal.

Toddler Road Safety

The laws on child car seats in Malta are less rigid than in some other nations in Europe. Children under the age of three cannot travel as front or rear seat passengers unless using a suitable restraint system

Children between three and 10, or under 150cm in height travelling in the front seats, must use an appropriate child restraint. If travelling in the rear seats the child should be placed in a child restraint, if available, or should wear an adult seat belt.


Malta is a very family-friendly tourist destination, and has a number of child-friendly play parks and amusement parks for children. The Maltese tourist office provides a list of popular places and things to do with children in Malta.

Most towns in Malta have outdoor play areas and the beach is also a popular choice for a family day out.

Baby and Toddler Groups

There are many baby and toddler groups in Malta. Many of these are operated by the Cana Movement, which is a voluntary organisation belonging to the Catholic Church of Malta.

Childcare and Nursery Education

There are state-run and private childcare centres for children aged between three months and three years. These are generally open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.

Staff at both state and private centres are fully qualified and all establishments have to follow rules and principles established by Malta's Department for Social Welfare.

As well as specifically designed facilities, there are home-based services for childcare available in private homes.

Parents who are in education or employment are entitled to apply for free childcare services based on the number of hours they work or are in class.

  • To apply for the scheme, fill in the online form (PDF)

Free-of-charge state kindergarten places are available for children from the age of three. Although not compulsory, many parents choose to send their children to kindergarten where they can learn basic literacy and social skills through informal play-based learning, and are introduced to a school environment.

Children can be registered at kindergarten from the age of two years and nine months. Registration takes place at the kindergarten in the place of residence; parents should contact the school directly to arrange an appointment.

Children must undergo a medical check-up with an approved doctor before their parents enrol them in school.

Find out more about enrolment procedure and documents required in the Schooling and Education section.