Marriage Procedure

Find out about the documents required to get married or celebrate a civil union in Malta...

In order to get married or contract a civil union on the islands of Malta or Gozo it is necessary to contact the Public Registry office on the appropriate island.

Marriage Applications and Banns

An application for a marriage or civil union and request for the publication of banns must be made between six weeks and three months before the proposed date of the ceremony. This can be done from abroad and all completed paperwork returned by registered post.

Documents required for application for the publication of banns:

  • Completed and signed form RZ1 and RZ2. Each of these forms are available at the Marriage Registry or can be downloaded from the Public Registry website
  • Birth certificates with the names of both parents
  • Passports and photocopies
  • Passports of two witnesses and photocopies
  • If single: 'Free status' certificate (if unobtainable a declaration from a member of the legal profession is sufficient)
  • If previously married: official documents such as death certificate of former spouse or divorce decree
  • If previously married: Affidavit stating that the person has not remarried following the death of the former spouse or following a divorce

Any documents not in Maltese or English must be translated and legally authenticated.

If a change to the wedding venue is subsequently made, the registry office must be notified at least three weeks in advance.

Prior to Marriage

Before getting married, a meeting with the registrar takes place at least three days before the marriage is due to be held. The purpose of this is to confirm the identification documents and witnesses, vet the draft act of civil union if applicable, and undertake any further outstanding administrative tasks.

A number of documents and items of information are required for the meeting with the registrar:

  • Date, place and time of ceremony
  • Bride's intended surname after the wedding
  • Names of two witnesses over the age of 18 and the names of their parents
  • Place of work of the witnesses
  • Passport identification
  • Full name of priest, or other religious representative conducting the ceremony if applicable