The Ceremony

Find out about the civil marriage ceremony and religious ceremonies for couples getting married in Malta...

Civil Ceremonies

Civil weddings and civil unions can take place any day of the week at the registry office. The celebration can also be conducted at any other location that has been deemed acceptable by the registrar. Poolside and beach locations will not be accepted. Pick-up and drop-off transportation must be provided for the registry official.

Religious Ceremonies

Religious organisations may require addition documentation; for example, the Roman Catholic Church may require a letter from the diocese in the couple's home country.

Ten days prior to the wedding the couple must collect three documents from the registry and submit these to the person conducting the ceremony, for example the priest, Rabbi or Imam.

In the case of a Roman Catholic ceremony, following the Nuptial Mass the wedding certificate is signed first by the bride using her maiden name, then the groom, the two witnesses and finally the priest. A copy of the certificate is kept in the church archives while a further copy is sent to the Public Registry.

For Roman Catholic weddings, neither party should have been previously married, unless widowed.

Marriage Certificate

Copies of the marriage certificate can be obtained online from the Marriage Registry. The marriage certificate application form can also be downloaded and sent by mail.

Marriage Ceremony and Traditions

Civil ceremonies are solemn affairs while the traditional religious marriages are similar to weddings in Europe and North America. The wedding breakfast is traditionally a large buffet reception in Malta, while the leaving for the honeymoon ritual is part of the highlights of the wedding.

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