Animal Organisations in Malta

Find contact details for animal organisations in Malta, as well as useful numbers for pet owners in the event of a emergency or a lost or found cat or dog...

There are a number of official organisations which have been created to safeguard the well-being of animals in Malta.

  • Animal Welfare Department: Government department where cruelty to animals can be reported; responsible for animal welfare initiatives including rescuing stray animals and an animal ambulance
    Tel: 1717 (freephone 24/7)
  • Dogs Trust Malta is an organisation affiliated with Dogs Trust UK. It cares for the welfare of dogs across Malta

Emergency Contacts for Pet Owners

Since 1988 Malta has provided 24-hour a day, seven days a week veterinary emergency care for animals.

Animal Ambulance

  • For abandoned and injured animals
    Tel: 2122 4001
  • Ambuserv Animal Rescue Ambulance centre in San Frangisk Ta'Qali
    Tel: 9933 3118 / 9920 0100 (24 hrs)
  • Animal removal, in the event of the death of a domestic pet:
    : 8007 6608 or contact the local council

Lost and Found Pets

Any person finding a lost or stray animal should report it to the Animal Welfare Department or one of the groups set up in Malta to help reunite pets and owners.

A community Facebook page, Lost and Found Pets Malta, has been set up to reunite pets with their owners.

In the event of finding an injured cat or dog call the police (Tel: 2212 4001) or the Animal Welfare Department (Tel: 2292 4132).

Europetnet is the database operating throughout Europe for finding lost pets. Owners are required to register their pet's microchip number, which will allow the missing animal to be traced from any member country in Europe