Children With Special Needs

Understand what kind of assistance is available for children with special needs in the Malta school system...

Specialist schools for children with particular needs are available, but the policy in Malta is to place students with Individual Educational Needs (IEN) in mainstream schools where possible.

Support is provided to students and their families and include home tuition where necessary, teachers for visually or hearing impaired students, hospital classes, an early intervention unit and an Autism Spectrum support team.

Further information can be obtained from the Special Education/Resource Centres

  • At: Triq Fra Gaetano Pace Forno, Il-Ħamrun, HMR 1100
    Tel: 2122 8349 / 2122 8350

There are four schools in Malta for children with special educational needs, known as Resource Centres:

  • St Clare College, San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre
  • San Gorg Preca College, Guardian Angel Secondary Education Resource Centre
  • St Benedict College, Helen Keller, Secondary/Young Adult Education Resource Centre
  • Maria Regina College, Dun Manwel Attard, Young Adult Education Resource Centre
  • Find out more about the Resource Centres in Malta for children with special educational needs

On the island of Gozo, there is the Gozo College Sannat Special Unit.

Identification of children with special educational needs is assessed in different ways according to their age. Parents of children up to the age of three should contact the Child Development Assessment Unit (CDAU). Educational psychologists of the Directorate for Educational Services can assess children at kindergarten age and make provisions if necessary. A psycho-educational assessment can be carried out by the State’s School Psychological Service if children have mental, physical or behavioural difficulties.