Family Assistance and Allowances

Find out about the children's allowances and assistance available for families with young children in Malta…

Children’s Allowance

There are two types of Children’s Allowance, depending on the amount earned by the parents.

The flat rate Children’s Allowance is paid to families with children under 16 years old whose calculable income exceeds a certain level.

To qualify for Children's Allowance:

  • The child or children must be under 16
  • The applicant should be resident in Malta for at least three months before the date of application
  • One of the parents should be Maltese, have refugee status, or be a citizen of an EU Member State or member country of the European Social Charter

Families with a total income below the set level and with children under 16 years of age may be entitled to a higher rate of Children’s Allowance. They may also be eligible if their children are over 16 but under 21 provided they are still in full-time education and have not registered for work, or have never been employed.

To be eligible for the higher rate of Children’s Allowance, parents have to provide proof of income for the previous year and fill in a Children’s Allowance application form.

Application forms and further information can be obtained from the following address:

  • Social Security Department
    At: 38 Ordinance Street, Valletta VLT 1021

Read more about Children's Allowance from the Department of Social Security website.

Tax Deductions for Parents

Parents with children attending daycare facilities can benefit from a tax deduction. In order to benefit from the deduction the childcare facilities must be registered with the Department for Social Welfare Standards (DSWS).

Childcare Subsidy Scheme

The Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) offers a subsidy for childcare services to help parents attending its training courses.