Disability Organisations in Malta

Find out about the organisations, support groups and associations for people with a disability in Malta…

There are many non-profit, charitable, volunteer and government-funded facilities catering for people with disabilities across Malta and Gozo.

Organisations for Parents of Children with a Disability

INSPIRE Foundation: Offering a range of programmes for young people living with disabilities and their families through therapeutic, educational and leisure services.

  • INSPIRE (The Eden Foundation and Razzett)
    At: 801, Industrial Estate, Bulebel, Zejtun
    Tel: 2167 3706
    Fax: 2166 5260

AD/HD Family Support Group: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder support for children and their parents through events, activities, courses and meetings. Monthly meetings are held at Junior College in Msida.

Down Syndrome Association Malta: Supporting and empowering children born with Down Syndrome and their families through activities, services, projects and advice.

National Parents' Society for Persons with Disability: Organises activities, classes and provides support to parents of children with a disability.

Support for Children

Malta provides a number of services and care for children living with disabilities.

The Directorate for Educational Services and Student Services Department offers special educational platforms for children with impairment or disability, regardless of severity, as well as guidance for parents.

Support for Adults

Sapport Agency: Providing a positive environment and daycare services for vulnerable adults who have difficulties in finding employment. The centres allow clients to learn new skills, participate in activities, interact socially and engage with the community, while providing respite for carers.

There are a number of centres around Malta:

Physically Handicapped Rehabilitation Fund: Founded in 1946, the organisation offers activities and workshops in order to help rehabilitate and reintroduce disadvantaged people to society. Also offers rental of wheelchairs and walking aids.

Santa Marta Day Centre: Day centre in Victoria, providing services to adults with disabilities.

  • Santa Marta Day Centre
    At: Triq il-Far, Victoria, Gozo
    Tel: 2156 1668
    Fax: 2155 3886

Dar Il-Kaptan: Day care and respite services through social work support, day services and care plans.

  • Dar il-Kaptan
    At: Rotary Drive, Triq Dar il-Kaptan, Mtarfa, MTF 1155
    Tel: 2145 0103 / 21450 1034
    Fax: 2145 0413

ARKA Foundation (Fondazzjoni ARKA): Provides temporary or permanent residences for people with disabilities in Gozo.