Giving Birth in Malta

Find out about the options available to you when the time comes for the birth of your baby, and how to register the birth…

Most births in Malta take place in hospital. According to an EU-funded Europe-wide survey published in 2013 on the health and care of pregnant women in Europe in 2010, one-third of births in Malta were by Caesarean section.

There are both public and private hospitals. In private hospitals, mothers and their newborns may have a private room – in public hospitals women will share rooms on a ward.

Mothers must bring everything they will need for their baby during the stay in hospital, for example, nappies and toiletries.

Two private hospitals, St James (Capua) Hospital in Sliema and St James Hospital in Zabbar, offer water birth facilities.

Pain relief available during labour in Malta includes Entonox (gas and air), pethidine and epidurals. The St. James (Capua) Hospital in Sliema also offers pain relief via a TENS machine.

After the birth, new mothers and their newborns generally stay in hospital for two to five days, but each delivery is assessed individually.


Although doulas are available in Malta, they may not assist mothers during the birth in public hospitals. They can be present at home births and at births in private clinics.

Registering a Birth

Births should be registered within five days at the Public Registry in Valletta, Malta, or Victoria, Gozo.


  • Land and Public Registry
    At: Casa Bolino, 116 West Street, Valletta VLT 2000
    Tel:  2590 4700 / 2123 9777


  • Land and Public Registry
    At: By the Bastion Road, Victoria, Gozo
    Tel: 2215 6370

Post-natal Care

A midwife from the Malta Memorial District Nursing Association (MMDNA) will pay a minimum of four visits to the home of new parents and their child. The midwife checks on the health of mother and baby, and can provide guidance on baby care and offer advice if new parents have specific concerns.

Approximately six weeks after the birth, new mothers are advised to make an appointment with their GP to monitor the health of the mother and baby.


In common with many countries, the health of young children in Malta is closely monitored by GPs. Parents are free to choose their family doctor, who will refer the child to a specialist doctor if required.

Malta operates a free immunisation programme. A list of vaccines, and when they are administered, is available on the website of the Malta Paediatrics Association (PDF).