Support Groups in Malta

Contact details for English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), drug aid, cancer support meetings, victim support and more...

Support groups in Malta are usually bilingual, although a few groups are available in English only.

A?enzija Sedqa: A non-profit social services organisation run by the government to increase awareness and assist those suffering from dependencies. Other services include a help-line, information and advice, assessment, outreach and crisis intervention.

The word Sedqa is derived from Maltese and means “to enhance” or “to consolidate”.

  • Helpline: 179

Caritas Malta: Caritas is a non-profit organisation set up to co-ordinate and develop social assistance and charitable activities. It provides assistance to many self-help and support groups. It also provides rooms, reception and supervision when required.

The Malta Red Cross Society: The Maltese branch of the Red Cross can be found in two locations:

  • At: 104, St Ursula Street, Valletta, VLT 1234 and Triq Giacchino Lebrun, Pembroke, PBK 1710
    2122 2645

Addiction Support

Alcoholics Anonymous: Alcoholics Anonymous Malta organises a number of English and bilingual meetings around the island. Meets are designed to assist people who are suffering from alcoholism and alcohol abuse to achieve sobriety. Meetings are held daily. Support meetings are also provided for family member of alcoholics (Al-Anon)

Narcotics Anonymous: Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a non-profit organisation to help support individuals for whom drugs have become a serious problem.

  • Find a list of NA meetings taking place in Malta and Gozo (PDF)
  • Tel: 7946 6566

New Hope: The Caritas Foundation runs rehabilitation programmes for people who have problems with drug abuse.

  • At: Outreach, 82 Capuchins Street, Floriana
    : 2590 6600

Tobacco Dependence Support Services: Offers direct telephone support for people who wish to quit smoking. Support classes are also provided as needed; classes run once a week for six weeks.

  • At: 5B The Emporium, C.De Brocktorff Street, Msida, MDS 1421
    : 2326 6116
  • Find more information about enrolling for the classes

Gamblers Anonymous (GA): GA in Malta is run by Caritas. The group meets once a week to provide support for those who have compulsions to gamble and would like to cure their habit.

Cancer Support

Breast Care Support Group Europa Donna Malta: Provides support for people living with breast cancer and to increase awareness of breast cancer among the Maltese population.

  • At: Templars, 28 Alessandro Curmi Street, Tal-Virtu, RBT 2653
    : 2141 4849

The Malta Cancer Foundation: Exists to improve the quality of life of those affected by cancer.

  • Tel: 2298 7163

Action for Breast Cancer Foundation: Works towards better services and treatments for breast cancer patients.

  • At: 42 Triq Guzeppi Cali, Mosta MST 4142
    Tel: 2703 6529

Mental Health

Richmond Foundation: Provides a rehabilitation facility, home support, employment assistance and self-help groups for individuals with mental health issues.

  • At: 424, St Joseph High Street, St Venera, SVR 1013
    : 2298 7163

Mental Health Association Malta (MHA): Several support groups are run by the MHA to assist families of people suffering from mental health problems. More information can be obtained by contacting the group:

  • At: Chamonix, 88, Brighella Street, B'Kara, BKR 1868
    Tel: 7980 0080

Sexual Health

XEFAQ: Provided by Caritas, this service was set up to assist those at risk of sexually transmitted infections. Support is given for testing and treatment.

HOPE: Crisis pregnancy support group in Malta. It provides free pregnancy testing and confidential support and information to women facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Eating Disorders Support

Kenn G?all-Sa??tek: Can be literally translated to ‘shelter for your health’, this is a residential treatment facility for individuals suffering from eating disorders.

  • At: Triq Dar il Kaptan, Mtarfa, Malta
    Tel: 2145 3690

Victim Support

Victim Support Europe: An international organisation with offices in Malta. It assists victims of crimes through support and protection of their rights following a crime.

  • At: 49 Conception Street Msida G.C. Malta
    2122 8333

Parenting Support

Kids Malta: An online support resource providing much information related to fertility and early childhood for prospective to current parents. Information is updated on an ongoing basis by the online parenting community in Malta. There are also a number of resident experts including a systematic family psychotherapist, childbirth educator, midwife, potty training expert and a number of educational experts.

  • At: 73 Bir-Bal Street, Balzan BZN 9015, Malta

Support for Children

Commissioner for Children: Set up to ensure the rights of children are respected. Their focus is on the protection of children and the provision of services.

  • At: 16/18 Tower Promenade, St. Lucia, SLC 1019
    Tel: 2148 5180

Support for Women

National Council of Women of Malta (NCW): The NCW is a non-governmental organisation aimed at providing a forum for women to come together to promote equality, exchange ideas, educate and formulate policy.

  • At: Pope Pius XII Flats 3/4, Mountbatten Street, Blata l-Bajda HMR 1579, Malta
    : 2124 8881