Setting Up Home in Malta

Find out how to get power and water turned on: details on the essential domestic services and utilities you'll need for your home in Malta...

Malta’s energy supply is generated from two oil-fired power stations; a submarine power cable known as the Malta–Sicily Interconnector is under construction, connecting the Maltese power grid with the rest of Europe.

Malta has no natural gas distribution network.

Domestic Electricity Supply

Malta's electricity supply conforms to the European standard of 220–240 volts AC with a frequency of 50 hertz. For non-standard equipment, a transformer or adaptor is required unless the appliance has a multi-voltage option. Electrical appliances and equipment bought in one European country can usually be used in another.

However, many countries across the world use different supply voltages. For example, in the US, the standard electricity supply is 120 Volts, meaning that the two power systems are not compatible. A US appliance can only be used in Malta (and vice versa) if the appliance is dual rated, or clearly marked with both 120v/60Hz and 240v/50Hz.

Plugs and Sockets

The standard re-wireable 3-pin mains plug (Type G) is used in Malta. The single pin without the sleeves is the earth connection. This plug can also be used in many other countries including Cyprus, the UK, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Find more information and a diagram of the Type G plug and electrical socket

In this section find out about setting up utilities in your household - electricity, gas, water, telephone and Internet, and what to expect from the process.