Getting Connected to Landlines and Internet in Malta

Find out how to get your new home connected to landline telephone and Internet providers in Malta...

Telecommunications in Malta are regulated by the Malta Communications Agency – MCA. It is responsible for all forms of communication including telephone, television, Internet and eCommerce.

The MCA website provides guidance on choosing suppliers for telephone, Internet and mobile phones.

Other services have been set up to compare the different telecommunications services available according to the needs of the consumer.

Telephone and Internet Providers

There are two main providers in Malta for fixed line telephone – Go and Melita. Both companies also provide ADSL and fibre optic connections. With good infrastructure on the islands, both are able to offer fast Internet speeds at an affordable rate. Various optional 'bundles' are available with high speed broadband, including television and telephone packages.

Business solutions are also provided by SISCOM.


Go (formerly Maltacom)

Getting Connected

The process of connecting a home to a fixed telephone line should take a few days. Non-standard installations may take longer.

To take out a telephone or Internet subscription with one of the suppliers, the following are generally required:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • An e-Residence Card
  • Signed documentation for installation
  • Be the owner of the property, or have the landlord’s permission

There may be a fee for installation depending on the service, and a deposit (refundable at the end of the contract) is usually taken in order to have the service activated.

There is also a fee for transferring a service to a different address.

Paying Bills

There are a variety of methods for paying the telephone bill:

  • Direct Debit
  • Cheque
  • Over the counter in store and authorised retailers (if available)
  • Internet bank transfer
  • Online from the supplier website
  • MaltaPay Kiosk (if available)