Mobile Telephones in Malta

Find out how to get yourself a mobile cellular phone in Malta...

There are three mobile telephone network providers in Malta. They are in direct competition with one another so prices, deals, bundles and incentives are always being offered. The three mobile network operators are:

Vodafone Malta - Vodafone provides a 4G service in Malta. There are a number of different mobile plans available

The other main cell phone provider in Malta is Go.

There are a number of other Mobile Virtual Network Operators available in Malta including:

Prepaid Cards

Pre-paid / pay as you go SIM cards are readily available in Malta. In order to obtain a monthly contract with a mobile phone provider, however, it is usually necessary to provide:

  • e-Residence Card
  • Credit card or bank details
  • Proof of address

Lost Mobiles

If your mobile phone is lost or stolen it is important to call the operator. They will be able to block the SIM card and in some cases use the IMEI code to prevent the use of the phone entirely. If the phone is recovered this process can be reversed.

If a phone has been stolen it is necessary to report it to the police, who will request information from the mobile phone operator to try and track down the stolen device.

As well as your phone number, make and model, it is worth noting the identification number (IMEI) of the phone in case it gets stolen (key *#06# into the handset).

A wide variety of security apps are available for smart phones that can aid in the tracking of the device if it is stolen.

Reporting lost or stolen mobiles

  • Vodafone: 99 999 247 or at a store
  • Melita: 27 270 270 or by visiting a store
  • Go:  80 072 121 or by visiting a store
  • Redtouch: 98 110 100
  • VFC:  96 960 100