Refuse Collection and Recycling in Malta

Trash, garbage, rubbish and waste: find out how to dispose of it, and how recycling works in Malta...

The collection of household waste and recyclable material in Malta is the responsibility of local councils.

General Household Waste

General household waste should be placed in black bags.

Organic waste

Households with a garden are encouraged to create a home compost to dispose of all organic waste.


Recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal cans or tins should be placed in green or grey recycling bags.

It can also be taken to a Bring-In Site, each of which has four colour coded containers:
  • White for paper
  • Blue for plastic
  • Black for metal
  • Brown for glass
The local council can advise on where to find a Bring-In Site.


Some localities have introduced glass collection from homes. Where this is not the case, glass should be deposited in the brown container at either a Civic Amenity or a Bring-In site.

Bulky household waste

Bulky household waste such as furniture, clothing, white goods, electronics and garden waste, should be taken to a Civic Amenity site.

Hazardous waste

Domestic hazardous waste such as light bulbs, expired medicines, used syringes, chemicals, paint or solvents should be taken to a Civic Amenity site.


Battery bins can be found in shops, schools and councils. Car batteries should be taken directly to a Civic Amenity site.

Further Information