English-language Media in Malta

Information about the local and international Expat print and broadcast media that is available in Malta...

Most media in Malta is dual language Maltese and English. Local television channels are broadcast in both languages. Melita and Go offer television cable services with international channels from the UK, Italy and English-language channels from other European countries.

Most major publications are available online as well as in print. For a more portable digital version, apps like theĀ Mail Plus App from the UK's Daily Mail Group allow the latest news to be read on a phone or tablet, often for much less than the cost of a subscription.

Malta has a number of English-language newspapers:

Many newsagents also sell international newspapers including English, American and Italian newspapers.

Radio Stations in Malta

There are a number of radio stations in Malta with some or all of the programmes broadcast in English.

The Malta Government website has comprehensive information about the different media available in Malta in both English and Maltese.