Festivals and Events in Malta

Find out about the main events and festivals taking place in Malta throughout the year...

Festivals are very popular in Malta. Village Festas take place almost every week from May until September. Each celebrates the patron saint of one of the town’s parish churches. Most include fireworks, religious processions and marching bands.

Wine and beer festivals have become very popular in Malta, with the two biggest vineyards in Malta each organising a yearly wine festival in one of Valletta’s bastion gardens. The annual Farson’s Great Beer Festival takes place in Ta ‘Qali every year in late July. The Mediterranean Food Festival in March celebrates both local and foreign chefs.

Carnival has been celebrated in Malta for centuries and is celebrated in most towns and villages in February. It is a big event attended by children and adults alike with masquerade balls, dress-up competitions, parades and fireworks.

Holy Week is another very important religious festival in Malta with most towns having a procession which includes carrying a life-size Statue of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Throughout the year there are a number of music festivals. The Malta Jazz Festival, usually held in July in Ta’Liesee, features local and international artists.

There are a number of annual cultural festivals, for example the Malta Arts Festival, which features dance, music, theatre and art. It takes place at various locations in Valletta during the month of July. Notte Bianca takes place annually in October and features a wide variety of entertainment from visual art exhibitions to live music and dance in the Maltese capital.

Another popular festival is Għanafest, which takes place each year in June. In addition to Maltese folk singing (known as Ghana), there are also craft demonstrations and the opportunity to taste traditional Maltese food.