Rock Climbing in Malta

Find out about rock climbing, bouldering, deep-water soloing and sea-level traversing on the islands of Malta and Gozo...

Malta is a haven for the adventurous and provides numerous opportunities for rock climbing and bouldering. The generous climate means that Malta is a popular destination for climbers all year round, although the main season is from October to May.

Malta has more than 1,500 single pitch and multi-pitch routes on excellent limestone rock, including sea-cliff locations and inland valley crags. Just about every variant of the adventure sport can be practised here – from bouldering to deep-water soloing, sea-level traversing and more.

Deep water soloing (DWS) involves climbing without a harness, allowing the sea to break the impact if the climber falls. Sea-level traversing involves climbing horizontally along a rock face and is more suited for beginners than DWS, as the climber is rarely at heights above three metres.

Three main associations in Malta can provide information about climbing routes and have news on the latest updates.

Climbing Routes in Malta

The majority of Malta’s climbing routes are on the island of Malta itself. There are, however, a number of popular routes on the island of Gozo. There is a combination of traditional climbing routes as well as sports climbing of all grades.

One of the most popular sports climbing routes is Wied Bahu. On the island of Gozo the crags at Mgarr ix-Xini and Ghajn Abdu have dedicated sports climbing areas. For those who want to try deep water soloing, Ghar Hasan is a popular choice.

Climb Europe has maps and information about crags, bouldering and routes in Malta.