General Taxes in Malta

Find out about property taxes, vehicle taxes and other taxes that may apply in Malta...

Property Taxes

There is no council or other annual housing tax in Malta.

Income from rental property is taxable, and is taxed at progressive rates after deductions for interest on loans, licence fees and any ground rent that may be due on the property.

Duty on documents and transfers

A tax is due on the transfer of immovable property, this is approximately five percent of the value of the property. A provisional one percent of the value of the property is paid by the buyer within 21 days of signing a promise of sale agreement. The rest of the amount due is paid after the final contract of sale is signed.

Vehicle Taxes

A registration tax must be paid when registering a vehicle, either following purchase or import to Malta. The tax is levied on the Registration Value of the vehicle, which can be calculated online.

In addition, all vehicles must have a valid Road Licence. This document shows the vehicle's registration number and the expiry date. It must be displayed on the left-hand side of the vehicle's windscreen. The licence is renewed annually and the renewal date is based on the first letter of the vehicle’s registration number. Renewal can be done online or through the insurance company with which the vehicle is insured.

wealth and Inheritance Tax

There are no wealth or inheritance taxes in Malta.