Malta Country File

Understand the basics of Malta's geography, history, economy and politics at a glance...

The Republic of Malta (Repubblika ta' Malta) is an archipelago nation in the Mediterranean Sea. It is made up of three islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino – with a population of over 416,000 people spread across them, and 18 uninhabited islands.

The capital city of the country, Valetta, is the smallest capital in the European Union and lies on the biggest of the islands of the archipelago, Malta. The national flag is made up of two red and white halves with a depiction of the George Cross medal placed in the top left-hand corner of the white (hoist) half.

Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and uses the Euro as its currency.

Malta’s population is made up of 95.3% Maltese, 1.6% British and 3.1% other ethnic groups. The official languages are English and Maltese, and the official religion is Roman Catholicism.