E-Residence Application Procedure

Find out how to apply for an e-Residence Card when moving to Malta...

Foreign citizens wishing to take up residency in Malta must apply for a residency permit, called an e-Residence ID card, within three months of their arrival, or before their visa expires.

EU nationals have the right to reside in Malta provided they are working or self-employed, economically self-sufficient, students, or have obtained eligibility through five years of continuous residence.

Non-EU nationals (third-country nationals) are only granted residency status in Malta if they are in Malta for a specific purpose. Non-EU nationals are permitted to stay under ordinary residency if they hold an employment licence, are self-employed (conditions apply), self-sufficient or fulfil another of the criteria (see below).

Family members of non-EU nationals are permitted to reside in Malta if the latter fulfil the criteria to stay.

Global Residency Programme

In July 2013, the Maltese Government introduced a residency programme offering a special tax status to third country nationals (except for EEA and Swiss nationals) in Malta. To apply, applicants must satisfy certain criteria such as buying or renting property in Malta or Gozo and paying a minimum annual tax liability on foreign income received in Malta.

Documents Required

In order to obtain the e-Residence ID card the following documentation is required:

  • Passport (officially translated into English if necessary)
  • Passport-sized photo on white background (preferably on non-glossy paper)
  • Completed application form
  • Completed identity registration form (ID1A).
  • Completed form ID2 if applying by post (option not available to non-EU nationals).
  • Any other specific documentation pertaining to the type of residency (details can be found on the application form)
EU nationals wishing to obtain residency in Malta must complete one of the following application forms in order to obtain the e-Residence ID Card:

  • Form A – Employed or self-employed
  • Form E – Exempt person’s status (for those married to a Maltese citizen)
  • Form F – Family members of EU/EEA/Swiss nationals
  • Form J – Economic self-sufficiency
  • Form M – Students
  • Form P – Permanent Residence (only available after five years of continuous residence)
  • Form S – Permanent Residence scheme
Non-EU nationals must complete one of the following application forms in order to obtain the e-Residence ID Card.

  • Form B – EU Blue Card*
  • Form C – Employed or self-employed person
  • Form E – Exempt person’s status (for a person married to a Maltese citizen)
  • Form G – Family members
  • Form I – International protection/humanitarian (refugees)
  • Form K – Economic self-sufficiency
  • Form L – Long-term residents
  • Form N – Students
  • Form O – Partners / religious purposes / posted workers / temporary / health purposes / working holiday / humanitarian grounds / pensioner
  • Form S – Permanent Residence scheme
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*EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a work permit for highly skilled non-EU citizens, allowing them to live and work in any country of the European Union. Some countries have yet to fully enact the law related to EU-wide Blue Cards, and there are exceptions; for example Ireland, Denmark and the UK are not part of the initiative. The card is generally valid for up to two years.

All forms with details of the documents required for each application are available on the website of the Malta Government.

Application is free for EU nationals, but there is a fee for non-EU nationals. The e-Residence ID Card is valid for one year. There is a fee for a replacement if the card is is lost or stolen or defaced.

Where and How to Apply

Application for residency in Malta is made in person, however, EU nationals can submit their application by post:

Malta office

  • At: Evans Building, St Elmo Place, Valletta, VLT 1754, Malta Tel: 2590 4000 / 25904800/ 2590 4821 email

Gozo office

  • At: 28 St. Francis Square, Rabat, Victoria, VCT 1335, Gozo Tel: 2215 6121 email
The document may take a number of weeks to process depending on the location and the current volume of applications. Once ready, it can be collected from the addresses above.