Malta Driving Licences

Find out about getting a Maltese driving licence and learning to drive a car or motorbike in Malta...

The Maltese driving licence consists of two documents:

  • The photocard driving licence
  • The counterpart driving licence

The credit card-sized photocard driving licence features the driver’s photograph, certain personal details such as address and signature, driving entitlements and categories for which the licence is valid.

The counterpart driving licence is a yellow document that contains the same information shown on the photocard, as well as other information such as accrued penalty points.

Obtaining a Maltese Driving Licence

The following steps are required in order to obtain a Maltese driving licence:

  1. Find a driving instructor.
  2. Obtain a learner’s permit.
  3. Take the theory test.
  4. Take the practical test.
  5. If the theory and practical tests are successfully passed, the applicant receives a 3-year probationary licence.

Find an instructor

An instructor can be found through a licenced driving school, or learner drivers may be taught by a licenced driver who is at least 25 years old and has possessed a valid driving licence for the category being taught for at least five years.

Obtain a learner's permit

A learner's permit is required before the  may practice driving. A medical fitness test is required and a fee is payable.

A learner's permit is valid for three years and allows learner drivers to practice their driving skills under the care of an appropriate instructor every day except Sundays and public holidays.

When a learner driver is at the wheel, the vehicle must have L-plates displayed on the front and rear. A green L-plate indicates a licenced motoring school vehicle; red L-plates indicate a private non-licenced instructor.

Take the theory test

A theory test must successfully be completed before the practical driving test can be taken. The Maltese Highway Code is available in English online, from the Transport Malta Offices and the Theory Test Centre. Theory tests may be taken in English. Translators are available for a fee for those who don’t speak Maltese or English.

Take the practical driving test

After the theory test has been successfully completed and the applicant is ready to take the practical driving test, an application should be submitted via post to the Authority for Transport. The Authority will schedule a test date approximately four weeks from the date of application and notify the applicant. For applicants requesting a Saturday test date, two to three weeks’ notice will be given. The fee for a Saturday test is higher than the fee for a weekday test.

New Drivers

Successful applicants for a Maltese driving licence are issued a three-year probationary licence. After the probationary period a 10-year licence is issued for drivers under 70 years of age if a driver has accrued fewer than 12 penalty points on their licence during the probationary period.

If, during the probationary period, a driver accrues 12 penalty points or more, their driving licence is revoked. They will be allowed to reapply for a new probationary licence after three months and will once again be required to complete all requirements to obtain a licence.

A list of driving offences and penalty points is available from the Authority for Transport (PDF).

Renewing a Maltese Driving Licence

Driving licences in Malta are usually valid for 10 years. Restrictions for age, medical conditions and for certain categories of licence apply.

The licensing authority usually sends out a Driving Licence Renewal form to the licence holder 8-12 weeks before the licence expires. A self-addressed return envelope is included so applicants can send the required documents back to the Authority. For drivers over 70 years of age and for those holding a licence for particular categories, a Driving Licence Medical Certification form is also included.

To renew a soon-to-expire licence, drivers should contact the Authority for Transport with the following:

  • A completed and signed Driving Licence Renewal form
  • A good-quality passport-sized colour photograph
  • Payment of the fee shown on the renewal form, payable by cheque or money order
  • If the driver is over 70-years of age or holds a licence for certain licence categories, a Driving Licence Medical Certification form. The form is available online (PDF)
  • Copy of a valid identity card if the applicant has changed address or surname

Once all details have been checked, including any necessary medical certificates, a new licence is sent by post to the driver.

Older Drivers

Driving licences for drivers over 70 years of age are valid for five years and are issued at a reduced fee. At each renewal a Driving Licence Medical Certification form, completed and signed by a GP, must be submitted.

Lost or Stolen Licences

In the event of a lost, stolen or damaged Maltese driving licence or licence counterpart, drivers should apply to the Transport Authority for a replacement. The replacement has the same validity and restrictions, including the expiry date, as the original driving licence or licence counterpart. A fee is payable.

To obtain a replacement, the licence holder must submit to the Transport Authority a declaration form explaining why the licence needs to be reissued. Proof of identification is required. The Declaration form is available online (PDF).