Road Traffic Accidents

Information on what to do if you are involved in a car accident in Malta: who to call and how to fill in the accident report document for insurance after a car crash...

Motorists involved in a minor front-to-rear collision in which no one is injured are not obliged to contact police or local wardens unless government property was damaged. The drivers must, however, complete and submit a “bumper to bumper form” or Statement of Facts for insurance purposes.

Statement of Facts

All drivers are required to carry a blank Statement of Facts in their vehicle. One form should be used for both drivers; if additional drivers are involved a second form should be used. The form includes a carbon copy; one driver should fill in the yellow or green section while the second driver should fill in the other coloured section that refers to the second vehicle. Once the form is completed, the drivers should exchange copies and submit the copy to their own car insurance company within two days. The form must be filled in using a ballpoint pen.

An example of a Statement of Facts can be found online.

Serious Collisions and Accidents Involving Injuries

For more serious collisions or for accidents involving damage to government property, drivers should contact local wardens.

  • Tel: 2132 0202

For accidents where people have been injured, the police must be contacted.

  • Police
    Tel: 2122 4001
    Tel: 112

Making a Claim

Anyone involved in a collision should contact their motor insurance provider as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours. If the accident occurred at a weekend the insurers should be contacted on the next working day.