Public Transport in Malta

<strong><em>Find out about the options for getting to Malta by public transport, and for travelling around once there...</em></strong>

Getting around Malta is generally easy given the small size of the islands. Bus services are relatively cheap and efficient, and there is a ferry service between the islands of Malta and Gozo. In addition to the public transport network there are taxi and water taxi services and a seaplane linking Malta with Gozo.

There are no rail services in Malta.

Malta’s bus system has experienced some problems in the last few years and has changed ownership three times since 2011. The buses used before 2011 included some that were almost 80 years old; they can still be seen around the island, and are currently privately owned and used for tours and as souvenir shops. These yellow and orange buses are still seen as an image synonymous with Malta.

Car hire is also a popular option for visitors to the islands and there is a wide range of companies in Malta providing car rentals. Bicycles, scooters and motorbikes are also available to rent. Vehicles are right-hand drive and driving is on the left. It should be noted that there are limited bicycle lanes on major roads.


Taxis are available throughout Malta and Gozo. Most public taxis are white and have a registration plate with the first four letters reading “TAXI”. Taxis in Gozo have red and white taxi signs on the door.

Private taxi companies also operate on the islands. Prices are fixed by the company in advance of the ride. Many of these companies also operate red minibuses. Used during the day as school buses, these can be hired in the evening for larger groups of people. Many drivers also operate at night, driving on busy routes to popular nightspots, picking up passengers as they go.

Finally there are many places in Malta, especially in tourist locations, where it is possible to hire a Horse-Drawn Cab (Karrozzini).