Buying a Used Car in Malta

Information on the paperwork and processes involved when buying and registering a used car in Malta...

Used cars for sale are available through dealerships, or may be advertised for sale in the classified sections of newspapers, automobile magazines and websites, such as:

Car dealers can inform customers of the costs involved in buying a particular used vehicle, including the level of registration tax, which is based on the vehicle's value.

However, it is advisable to check the valuation of the vehicle on the government's official vehicle valuation website, particularly if it is a private purchase. An accurate valuation for registration purposes can be calculated online on the Motor Vehicle Registration website (eReg).

Roadworthiness Certificate

A valid vehicle roadworthiness certificate is required for the transfer of a vehicle only if the road licence has expired.

Transfer of Ownership

The buyer and seller must sign and fill the back part of the Vehicle Registration Certificate in the presence of a witness and present it at the Land Transport Directorate offices

The buyer must also produce proof of valid insurance from the date of transfer and if the road licence has expired, a valid vehicle roadworthiness certificate must be submitted (if applicable). The following documents are also required.

  • Logbook signed by seller, buyer and witness
  • Photocopy of identity documents of the buyer, seller and one witness

If the road licence is due to be renewed it is advisable to check whether the roadworthiness test is due. This can be checked online.

Any fees and outstanding penalties must be paid before the transfer takes place.

Alternatively, the buyer and seller can choose to fill in form VEH 50 (PDF) instead of signing the vehicle registration certificate. The VEH 50 form must be signed by the seller, buyer and a witness. The witness signs to certify and confirm that the signatures of both the buyer and seller took place in their presence.

In this case, the copies of the Identity cards are not needed for the transfer of ownership.


To transfer ownership when a vehicle has been inherited, download and complete the Transfer by Inheritance Form VEH 10 (PDF). Documents proving the inheritance of the vehicle must be signed by a notary or lawyer. These documents should then be taken to the Land Transport Directory with the following documents:

  • Completed form VEH 10
  • A valid insurance certificate in the name of the heir
  • The means to pay any fees

Scrapping a Car in Malta

To scrap a car, the owner must:

  • Present the completed form, along with the vehicle's Registration Certificate, owner's ID Card,¬†registration number plates and¬† road licence (if still valid), at the Land Transport Directorate
  • Pay any necessary fees

A scrapping approval in the name of the owner is then issued. Transport Malta only approves the de-registering and scrapping of a vehicle if the owner presents a destruction certificate issued by an approved destruction facility, confirming that the vehicle was transferred to an authorised treatment facility in accordance with the Waste Management (End-of-Life Vehicles) Regulations.

Once a vehicle has been scrapped it cannot be re-registered.