Vehicle Insurance in Malta

General information on taking out an insurance policy in Malta, with comprehensive details on insuring a vehicle (including options from third party to all risks) and making a claim...

A vehicle may only be used on Malta's roads if:

  • It is properly registered
  • It has a valid road licence
  • The driver of the vehicle is properly insured

If the vehicle is over a certain age, it also needs a Vehicle Roadworthiness Test certificate.

Driving without complying with any one of the above conditions automatically invalidates any insurance policy.

A minimum of third-party insurance cover is a legal requirement for all vehicles in Malta.

All approved insurance agencies or brokers on the islands can renew insurance policies and Vehicle Road Licences at the same time.

Insurance companies offer comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, and third-party only cover.

No claims discounts are available from insurers in Malta for drivers who have not made a claim against their insurance. Other discounts may also be available, depending on the driver's age or other circumstances.

No claims discounts follow the driver, no matter how often they change insurers, but new insurance companies may require written confirmation of the number of claim-free years before including any discount. It is possible to transfer no claims discounts from another country to an insurer in Malta, but only with written confirmation. A letter from a current insurer may also make it easier to obtain Maltese insurance.

Making a Claim

Motorists involved in a minor collision with no injuries should complete and submit a “bumper to bumper form”, or Statement of Facts, for front-to-rear collisions for insurance purposes.

Statement of Facts

All drivers are required to carry a blank Statement of Facts in their vehicle. One form should be used for both drivers; if additional drivers are involved a second form should be used. The form includes a carbon copy; one driver should fill in the yellow or green section while the second driver should fill in the other coloured section that refers to the second vehicle. Once the form is completed, the drivers should exchange copies and submit the copy to their own car insurance company within two days. The form must be filled in using a ballpoint pen.

An example of a Statement of Facts can be found online.