Finding a Job in Malta

Information on jobseeking including where to look for work and where to find classified advertisements for jobs in Malta...

The Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) is the public service authority responsible for jobs and employment in Malta. Registering as a jobseeker with the ETC aids the transition into, and progression in the employment market.

  • ETC Head Office
    At: Hal Far Road, Hal Far BBG 3000
    Tel: 2165 4940
    Fax: 2220 1802
    Job vacancy information: 8007 6500 (Freephone)
  • Find a list of ETC offices and job centres, along with contact details
  • Search for job vacancies on the ETC website

EU Nationals

EU nationals are advised to contact the official European Jobs Network (EURES) department of the ETC to discuss their situation and options.

Non-EU Nationals

Non- EU nationals must have an employment licence in order to work in Malta. The prospective employer is responsible for submitting the employment licence application to the ETC.


The ETC also has a specialised Youth Portal designed to help young people choose a career, register for activities, receive training and find a job.

Jobseeking Resources

As well as the official employment authority, there are other means of finding employment in Malta:



When applying for a job it is recommended that the standard European Curriculum Vitae format is used.