Unemployment Benefits in Malta

Find out about unemployment benefits and unemployment assistance in Malta. Who is eligible and how to apply...

Employees in Malta pay national insurance contributions, which are deducted from their wages to cover medical costs, unemployment and state pensions.

The conditions for receiving unemployment benefits depend on an individual's circumstances.

Malta's Unemployment Register is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 is for people who have never worked, or who have been made redundant. Those registered on Part 1 may be eligible for unemployment benefits
  • Part 2 is for people who resigned, were dismissed, or have an incomplete registration application. Anyone registered on Part 2 is ineligible for benefits
  • Part 3 is for those already in employment but looking for a new job. Part 3B is for those people who are seeking temporary employment, such as students

Unemployment benefits are administered by the Department of Social Security. When a person is first registered on the Part 1 Register, an application for unemployment benefits is automatically submitted to the Department of Social Security. Following registration as a jobseeker with the ETC, claimants should go to their local Department of Social Security for further information about benefits.

An employee who has paid a minimum of 50 contributions (referred to as Class One contributions), including at least 20 in the previous two years may be entitled to receive unemployment benefit immediately.

Anyone who has been on the Unemployment Register for more than three months cannot refuse a job offer.

Unemployment Assistance

Unemployment benefits are paid for 156 days. At the end of the benefit entitlement period, certain applicants may be entitled to unemployment assistance, which is means-tested.

Applications for unemployment assistance are administered by the Department of Social Security.

An application form must be filled in and submitted by in person or by post to the following address:

Transferring Benefits from Another EU Country

An unemployed person from any EU member state may be able to transfer their accrued unemployment benefits from Malta. To transfer benefits, a completed U2 form from the organisation paying their benefits in their home country is required.

On arrival in Malta, register with the Public Employment Service (PES) within seven days, and forward a copy of the U2 form with the registration document provided by the PES to the Department of Social Security.

Any benefits paid are the responsibility of the organisation in the claimant’s original country.