Childcare in Mexico

Understand the different childcare options available to parents of toddlers in Mexico...

The Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social - IMSS) provides day care options for working mothers who are part of the IMSS system. Day care centers provide care, food and education. Children may attend the centers from the age of 43 days to four years old.

To enroll in an IMSS day care center the following documents are required:

  • Proof of affiliation to the IMSS
  • Copy of the CURP (personal identification number)
  • Proof of employment; this should include:
    • Name and address of the company
    • Working time
    • Days off
    • Annual leave
    • Signature of employer or representative
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Proof of medical examination for admission
  • Vaccination records

Private day care centers also exist throughout the country, including international and bilingual ones.


Nannies (niñeras) and au pairs may be found by word of mouth or through a recognized agency that places nannies with child-minding and basic first-aid qualifications. Individuals also offer their services on classified advertisements websites.

Child Benefits

Child benefits are available for unemployed individuals and those earning below the minimum wage. The Social Development Secretary (Secretaría de Desarollo Social - SEDESOL) runs a number of programs providing benefits to low-income parents. 

The Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social - IMSS) provides social security and welfare benefits and is responsible for paying maternity leave support and various other subsidies, and coordinating day care centers.

  • IMSS
    Tel: 01 800 623 2323 (from anywhere within Mexico)