Electricity and Gas in Mexico

Find out how to get connected to electricity and gas suppliers in Mexico...

The Mexico state-owned electricity supplier is the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE). In order to be connected to the electricity supply, homes must be within 35m from an electric post and have the necessary installation and wiring to receive the electricity meter and energy cable.

Getting Connected

New owners or tenants can get a service contract by telephone (Tel: 071), online, or in one of the CFE customer service centers. Customers must supply their full name, address and a rental or purchase contract at least two working days before the required start of the contract. If possible, provide a CFE bill from the previous tenant or owner.

There is no fee to get connected; however, a deposit is required. The amount of the deposit depends on the type of contract.


The cost of electricity depends on the place of residence and bills are paid monthly or every two months, either at the local electricity office, online, or at banks and convenience stores (if they are not overdue).

Once the electricity bill is sent out, it has to be paid relatively quickly or the service will be cut off. If the service is disconnected, there is a fee for reconnection. To avoid cancelation of the contract, the reconnection fee must be paid at one of the CFE offices within 15 days of the power supply being cut off.

Meter reading

Bills are based on an estimation until the meter is read by the CFE. However, this system is being replaced by digital meters with programmed payment (paga programado) and a chip card (tarjeta) that reads the meter. There is no charge for the meter or card, and the system is optional at present.

With the new method, customers can choose the day of the month they wish to be billed. The digital meter has a green flashing light, showing that the meter is in service. On the chosen billing day, this green light becomes static showing that the meter must be read by waving the chip card over it for approximately 15 seconds. Once the meter has been read, the customer inserts the card into a machine at one of the CFE offices to make the payment. This must be made within ten days of reading the meter. Once payment has been made, place the card again over the meter so that the payment is registered on the meter.

If the digital meter shows a red light, payment is overdue and service is suspended. Service is reconnected as soon as payment has been made at a CFE office, there is no extra cost for reconnection within 15 days for customers using the chip card method of payment.


Gas supply in homes is managed by private companies. A stationary gas tank or cylinders are used, which must be refilled or replaced periodically by calling the local gas company. Gas companies also circulate in city centers, often ringing a bell or playing a tune to announce their presence. It is usually possible to request a refill by flagging the gas truck in the street. The price of gas is indicated on the side of the truck and is set by the government.