Getting Connected to Landlines in Mexico

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Mexico...

The leading landline provider in Mexico is Telmex, which was a government run monopoly until the 1990s. The company is now privatized and although competition exists, it is still the predominant landline provider in Mexico. While Telmex is also a major provider of services for the mobile phone and Internet markets, there is more competition and choice available in those sectors.

Initial installation and monthly rental fees vary according to the customer's location, how long a contract is taken out for, and other products in the package, for example Internet, cellular phone and television. There is a fixed charge for all local landline calls, regardless of the amount of time the call lasts.

Getting Connected

A new landline can be arranged at one of the many Telmex shops, online or by telephone. An official form of documentation such as a passport is necessary for registration.

  • Information about subscribing to a landline along with details of packages available can be found on the Telmex website (in Spanish)
    Tel: 01800 123 1114
    To report a faulty line Tel: 050

Installation of a landline can sometimes take up to a month. If a landline comes as part of package with television for example, then an installation date may be set within a two week timeframe.

Other landline providers

  • Axtel
    Tel: 01800 515 1515
  • IZZI (formerly Cablevision. Mexico City only)
    Tel: 01800 120 5000
  • Maxcom
    : 01800 6292 662

Depending on the provider and the package, bills can be paid by direct debit, online, at cash machines, convenience stores and banks.

There is generally no installation fee. There is however usually a cost incurred if an address is being changed. Landline telephone sets are generally rented from the service provider.

Landline telephone suppliers require notice when moving house or to discontinue the service (check with the provider for notice requirements). It may be possible to keep the same telephone number if moving within the same area; however, this will not be the case if changing states as areas have different dialing codes.