Domestic Water Supply

Understand the water supply system in Mexico and the different providers involved...

Water is supplied by regional companies in Mexico and municipalities are responsible for water supply and sanitation. The cost of domestic water supply depends on the area of residence. Bills are sent out every two months and can be paid at water offices or at banks and supermarkets or convenience stores.

Domestic tap water is not considered safe for drinking and most households order large water bottles, delivered to the home, for drinking.

Water Supply in Mexico City

In Mexico City, water is supplied by the Sistema de Aguas de la Ciudad de México (Sacmex). To get connected to the water supply, customers must present proof of identity and proof of address, for example a utility bill less than three months old.

  • Customer service, Tel: 01 800 014 AGUA (2482) - toll-free Monday to Friday from 08:00-20:00
  • Find contact details for local offices

Water bills for Sacmex can be paid online, at water offices, banks and some shopping centers.

Water Shortages and Service Interruptions

Certain parts of the city are prone to water shortages that can result in interruptions to service.  At times, these interruptions are anticipated in advance and are related to construction or service upgrades.  Shortages sometimes occur during a long-weekend (puentes), and can last several days.

Sacmex provides information about water shortages, service interruptions and other water-related issues via Twitter at @sacmex (Spanish)


To report a water leak in Mexico City, Tel: (55) 5654 3210.