Drinks in Mexico

Find out about some of the most popular drinks and alcoholic beverages available in Mexico...

Mexicans drink a large amount of coffee, and there are many different varieties to sample. Soft drinks are also drunk in huge quantities. Aguas frescas, which are a mixture of water and sugar with fruits and seeds, are very popular and are often purchased from street vendors. Commonly used fruits and seeds include melon, strawberry, pineapple, mango, papaya, tamarind and alfalfa.

Alcoholic Drinks

Tequila is probably the most famous of Mexico’s alcoholic drinks and it is the official drink of the state of Guadalajara. It is commonly drunk as a Margarita, where it is served in a salt-rimmed glass with lime juice. Rum and coke is often drunk at weddings and festivities. There are many other local drinks, with different regions having their own tipples of choice. Popular drinks include:

  • Xtabentún, a sweet honey-based liqueur
  • Tejuino, a fermented corn drink with lemon ice
  • Mezcal, a drink distilled from the maguey plant which is native to Mexico. Most mezcal is made in the Oaxaca region
  • Pulque is another Oaxaca speciality made from the maguey plant; it is milky and viscous
  • Tejate, which is made from maize dough and is very popular in rural areas of Oaxaca

In many parts of Mexico traditional beverages have declined in popularity since the arrival of European immigrants in the country heralded the introduction of beer. Mexican beers are now well known, with Corona, Col and Dos Equis being the most common brands.