LGBTTTI Events and Media

Find out about the annual LGBTTTI events taking place in Mexico City, as well as details of local media for the LGBTTTI community…

Gay Pride Parade (Marcha Orgullo Gay): Held every June since 1979, attendance at Mexico City’s Pride Parade has grown from thousands to hundreds of thousands of participants and spectators marching in support of non-discrimination, the advancement of human rights, tolerance, acceptance, and unity.

International Film Festival from a Gender Perspective (Muestra International de Cine con Perspectiva de Género): Annual film festival inviting and screening submissions exploring social events, esthetics, and power relations from a gendered perspective.

International Queer Tango Festival (Festival Internacional de Tango Queer de Mexico): Features international same-sex and gender-reversed tango pairs, emphasizing the dance, rather than the gender of the dancers (in Spanish).

Festival of Sexual Diversity in Film and Video (Festival de Diversidad Sexual en Cine y Video): One of the first LGBTTTI-themed film festivals in Latin American, this event attracts submissions from around the world (in Spanish).

International Lesbian Festival of Mexico City (Festival Internacional Lésbico de la Ciudad de México): Addresses different themes specific to the lesbian community (website in Spanish).

International Festival of Gay Cinema at UNAM (Festival Internacional de Cine Gay en la UNAM): Promotes respect and tolerance of sexual diversity, showcasing films from around the world (in Spanish).

The following English-language resources provide information about other events, nightlife, and gay-friendly venues:

The following Spanish-language resource provides information about other events, nightlife, and gay-friendly venues:


There are a number of travel resources that specialize in serving the LGBTTTI community, and provide information about hotels, restaurants, and nightlife:


There are a number of magazines available in print or online. Note: all websites are in Spanish.

  • Chilango Magazine: Not specifically for gay audiences, this Mexico City-based magazine is gay-friendly and regularly includes articles and event listings addressing LGBTTTI issues
  • Revista G: Mexico-based gay magazine focusing on culture and politics, style and lifestyle, available online
  • Betún Magazine: Interactive and multimedia Mexico-based magazine available on iTunes that addresses political and cultural issues, style, and the arts of interest to the LGBTTTI community
  • OHM-Magazine: Mexico’s only gay magazine with national distribution, focusing on politics and activism, style, news, culture and photography. Available in print and online