LGBTTTI Organizations in Mexico City

Information about the various organizations serving the LGBTTTI community in Mexico City and providing support, advice, and information on health issues and well-being…

The Government of Mexico City has declared CDMX to be LGBTTTI-friendly – welcoming and respectful of diversity and the dignity of all communities in the city, and committed to the elimination of discrimination.  

Government Offices

The following Government offices have been established to respond to the needs of the LGBTTTI community facing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.

  • Special Unit for Members of the LGBTTTI Community
    At: Calle Santa María la Rivera 37, Col. Santa María la Rivera
  • Special Unit for Members of the LGBTTTI Community
    At: Calle Genova 30-H, Col. Juárez Zona Rosa
    Tel: (55) 5533 5981 / (55) 5633 6726
  • Find more information about the Mexico City government programs and policies, including procedures for filing a complaint (in Spanish)
  • Information about the Government of Mexico City’s anti-discrimination laws (in Spanish)
  • Specialized services for the LGBTTTI community at the Human Rights Commission
    At: Av. Universidad 1449, Col. Florida, Pueblo de Azotla 01030
    Tel: (55) 5229 5600 ext 1514 / (55) 5578 1228

Legal Services

The following offer English-language legal support specializing in the needs of the LGBTTTI community:

Health and Well-being

Condesa Clinic – Clínica Especializada Condesa: This clinic is open to the public and offers specialized support for transgender people, as well as support groups and general information. It also provides free HIV screening and AIDS care – more than 5,000 people are currently receiving free antiretroviral treatment and other services.

  • Condesa Clinic
    At:  Benjamin Hill 24, Col. Condesa 
    Tel: (55) 5271 6133 / (55) 5271 6439 
    Metro: Patriotism Metro and Metro Juanacatlán

Cuenta Conmigo: A community organization dedicated to the creation of an inclusive and diverse society founded on human rights and respect for sexual diversity. Offers programs and support groups for young people and families, individual or couples counseling, and courses, seminars, and workshops on a range of topics.

Parent Group in Support of Diversity in Condesa (Grupo de Padres por la Diversidad Condesa)

  • Tel: (55) 5211 8250

LGBT Community Center (Centro Comunitario de Atención a la Diversidad Sexual): Mexico City’s first community center focusing specifically on the needs of the LGBTTTI community. It provides free legal assistance, medical screening, and referrals to government services.

  • Centro Comunitario de Atención a la Diversidad Sexual
    : Génova 30-H, Col. Zona Rosa
    Tel: (55) 5533 6008
    email / Facebook
    Legal Services: Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00, Tel: (55) 5533 6726
    Government Services: Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:00, Tel: (55) 5533 6008 or email
    Health Screening: Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:00, Tel: (55) 4032 8901 or email
    Metro: Insurgentes

Tlalpan Centro de la Diversidad Sexual: Center for workshops, courses in sexual and reproductive health, and legal and psychological counseling.

  • At: Located in the car park of Villa Coapa Market, Calzada de Miramontes, Acoxpa corner, Tlalpan
    Open: Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:00-16:00
    Tren Ligero: Periférico

Cultural Centers

Centro Cultural de la Diversidad: An inclusive space for performance and visual arts emphasizing cultural diversity, the center runs workshops and courses in artistic training, dance, acting, and more from a human rights perspective. It also provides space for the Lesbian and Gay Fellowship groups.