Benefits & Discounts

Learn about the different benefits and discounts available for Senior Citizens in Mexico City... 

INAPAM Discount Card

Mexican residents over 60 years old, can apply for the INAPAM discount card. It is provided by the National Institute for the Elderly (Instituto Nacional para las Personas Adultas Mayores - INAPAM). The card allows discounts on a range of goods and services, such as free travel on the metro, trolley bus and light rail, discounts on domestic and international flights (for +65) and in some stores. Discounts range from 5 - 50 percent depending on the outlet.

Discounted goods are also available outside of Mexico City. To apply for the card, it is necessary to prove identity, age, home address and provide two small photos in black and white. 

Free Travel

Over 60s can enjoy free travel on Mexico City's Metro system by registering for a Free Access Card, if they are not holders of an INAPAM card. To apply for a Free Access Card, it is necessary to prove identity, age and home address at the customer center in Balderas, Colonia Juarez.

Over 70s benefit from free travel on the city's Metrobus system. ID card must be shown to the security guard at the gate of the Metrobus station. 

Monthly Food Allowance

People who have turned 68 and have lived in Mexico City for three or more years, are entitled to a monthly food allowance from the government. An application must be filled out at the Customer Service Center in Colonia Doctores, after which a government official will visit. It is necessary to prove identity, home address and length of residence in the city.

Social Activities

There is a thriving social scene for senior citizens in the city, much of which revolves around dances and dancing lessons. A perfect example is Plaza Balderas on a Saturday or Sunday, where live music plays and the older generation gather to dance the day away. 

The government runs several initiatives. These include short tourist breaks, dances, crafts sessions and morning cinema screenings. 

People over 50 have opportunities for further education. The Universidad de la Tercera Edad has a plethora of activities, such as language, history, and florist courses. 

There are several English-speaking religious centers in the city where senior citizens would be most welcome. For a comprehensive list of these, visit the Directory