Healthcare for Senior Citizens

Learn about the healthcare available for senior citizens in Mexico City...

Mexico has both public and private hospitals with public hospitals being much more affordable. For more information on the Healthcare System in Mexico, visit our Healthcare pages. 

As the demographics in Mexico City change, a growing number of hospitals are providing units for senior citizens, and specialized clinics to treat the elderly are in operation in several areas of the city, for example Iztapalapa, which has a high number of elderly residents. As a result of this, treatment for age-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis, is likely to continue improving. 

Home visits for medical reasons are available through IMSS, although these are reserved for persons over 68 and living in areas that are considered to have high rates of poverty. Alternatively, there are several private assisted living programs and retirement homes in and around Mexico.

It is unlikely that care can be provided in English, although if interested in a particular center because of its location, it is worth checking with that facility. 

Many hospitals in Mexico City can provide palliative care to those suffering from long-term illnesses or who are terminally ill. IMSS covers the cost of palliative care in some hospitals in the city. Those who require in-home care or cannot travel to a particular IMSS hospital, should discuss options with their private health insurer. 

In the event of a death in Mexico, please refer to the Death and Dying pages found in the Healthcare section.

Dental Care

There are many private dental practices in the city, some of whom can provide dental care in English. 


People with a disability such as a hearing impairment or mobility issues, can refer to the Disabilities page in the Healthcare section for information on accessibility and services that may be available. 

Health Insurance

There are many health insurers in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and other English-speaking countries who can provide the insurance needed for a stay in Mexico. 

Residency in Mexico should register with the government health system.