Youth Employment Law in Mexico

Information about the work opportunities and regulations for teenagers, students and school leavers in Mexico...

The minimum legal age for employment in Mexico is 14, though special conditions must be met for any employee aged between 14 and 16. Permission must be gained from parents or guardians and unless there are exceptional circumstances, mandatory education must not be affected.

It is illegal to employ adolescents between the ages of 14 and 18 for dangerous or inappropriate jobs, which include:

  • Working in establishments where alcohol is served
  • High-risk jobs involving electrics, power tools and heavy lifting

Adolescents aged 16 and over are free to choose their type of employment, provided that it is appropriate as stipulated by the Federal Employment laws.

In the case of the employment of minors aged from 14 to 16, the following conditions and laws apply:

  • Working conditions are monitored by Labor Inspection (Inspección del Trabajo)
  • Minors must also obtain a medical certificate confirming their suitability for employment and undergo periodic medical examinations. Without such a certificate, employment is not permitted
  • Minors may also not be employed in jobs where travel is involved, apart from in exceptional circumstances
  • Working hours must not exceed six hours a day and must be divided into a maximum of three hour shifts. A minimum one-hour break must be permitted between shifts
  • It is prohibited to employ minors under the age of 16 on public holidays and on Sundays