Emergency Numbers in Mexico City

Find out who to call in the event of an emergency in Mexico City, and who to call to report a crime...

Emergency services in Mexico City can be accessed by dialing 911. There is no charge to access this service from mobile phones or landlines. 

Locatel is a 24-hour hotline providing access to a wide range of resources and support lines. To contact Locatel:

  • Tel: (55) 5658 1111 and ask to be transferred to the appropriate line (línea)
    Línea IAPA - Support for drug users and their families
    Línea INVEA - To confirm the identity of administration officials or inspectors visiting homes or buildings
    Línea Mujeres - Support for women’s empowerment at home and in the workplace, mental and reproductive health, dealing with domestic violence
    Línea No Discriminación - To report sexual, racial, social, or other forms of discrimination

While these are the most important numbers to know in an emergency, note that there are a number of other ways to reach these services:

  • Rescue and Emergency Medical Squad (ERUM)
    Tel: (55) 5588 7418
  • Main Fire Department
    Tel: (55) 5768 3477
  • Judicial Police
    : (55) 5685 0636
  • Tourist information and assistance (Spanish/English bilingual)
    Tel: 078 / 01800 0089090
  • Animal control – can be contacted in the event of a dog bite
    Tel: (55) 5796 4260
  • Civil Protection – Prevention and guidance in the event of emergencies or natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires, gas leaks)
    Tel: (55) 5683 2222
  • Traffic information, roadside assistance and accidents
    Tel: 074
  • Citizens Hotline - 24 hour hotline to report potholes or pavements in need of repair, damage to roads, lights, and bridges, and illegal dumping of rubbish
    Tel: 072

Report a Crime

  • General crime
    Tel: 066
  • To report drug or organized crime activities anonymously
    Tel: 089
  • To report a car theft
    Tel: 066. In addition it is advisable to contact the insurance company and file a complaint with the Public Ministry (Ministerio Público). Find a list of Public Ministry offices in Mexico City (in Spanish)
  • Citizen Council for Public Safety (Consejo Ciudadano de Seguridad Pública) a national non-government organization providing a point of access for complaints or concerns about public safety and law enforcement, which enables citizens to report the sale of alcohol to minors, burglaries, vehicle theft, abuse, bullying, and telephone extortion
    Tel: (55) 5533 5533 – hotline available 24 hours
  • Environmental violations, including noise
    : (55) 5265 0780