Maternity Leave

Find out about the leave and benefit entitlements for parents in Mexico...

Pregnant women receive both benefits and job protection in Mexico.

Expectant mothers should inform their employees once they are pregnant. This is done by submitting a medical certificate issued either by a clinic affiliated with the Mexican Social Security Institute (Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social), or a private medical institution.

The IMSS pays 60 percent of the employee's salary, with the rest being covered by the employer. Mothers are allowed 12 weeks paid maternity leave: they have six weeks leave before they give birth and six weeks after the birth. If necessary, maternity leave may be extended for a maximum of six weeks at half-pay.

Returning to Work

Mothers are also entitled to two paid breaks a day of 30 minutes each to breastfeed their child.

For further queries, contact the Mexican Social Security Institute.