Support Groups in Mexico City

Contact details for English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), as well as cancer support meetings and mental health support in Spanish...

English-Language AA and NA Support Groups

People dealing with alcohol or drug addictions can find support at local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. People in need of assistance can also take part in community-based general support and counseling groups; meeting locations and schedules may vary with demand.

Helplines and Support (Spanish-speaking)

There are a number of other helplines and resources providing support in Mexico City; however, there is no guarantee that an English-speaker will be available.

Locatel is a 24-hour hotline providing access to a wide range of resources and support lines. To contact Locatel:

  • Tel: (55) 5658 1111 and ask to be transferred to the appropriate line (línea)
    Línea IAPA - Support for drug users and their families
    Línea Mujeres - Support for women’s empowerment at home and in the workplace, mental and reproductive health, dealing with domestic violence
    Línea No Discriminación - To report sexual, racial, social, or other forms of discrimination

Other helplines

  • Support for victims of crime and family violence
    : (55) 5345 5598
  • Legal aid
    Tel: (55) 5128 1122
  • Support for victims of trafficking
    : (55) 5346 8800

Cancer Support

CIMAB hold regular support groups (Spanish-speaking) in Mexico City for women with breast cancer.

    Tel: (55) 5574 9058 / (55) 5574 9073

Mental Health Support

A national helpline, in Spanish, is available for those seeking emotional support.

    Tel: (55) 5259 8121 / 01 800 472 7835