Getting Online: Internet in Mexico

Find about the Internet options available to you in your home in Mexico...

Internet use and its distribution is widespread in Mexico. Many service providers have all-in-one landline, Internet, television and mobile phone packages. There are also local cable television companies that provide Internet services with wide coverage.

Internet service charges and the initial installation charge vary depending on how long the contract is taken out for, and the package of services offered. An Internet router can usually be rented for the duration of the contract.

Getting Connected

To get an Internet contract, take the following documents to a service provider:

  • Passport or other valid identification
  • Proof of address - either bank statement, utility bill or other relevant documentation

Internet is provided by many different companies in Mexico, including the large telecommunications, satellite and cable television companies. Many Internet providers are also specific to individual states.

Connections speeds can vary greatly, with choice ranging from ADSL to fiber optic broadband in some of the larger cities, including Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Main Internet Providers

  • Telmex
    Find a local customer service center
    Tel: 01800 123 1114
  • Movistar
    : 01800 888 8366
  • Axtel
    Tel: 01800 515 1515
  • At&T (formerly Iusacell)
    Tel: 01800 200 9333 or (55) 1018 3333
  • IZZI (formerly Cablevision. Mexico City and the State of Mexico only)
    Tel: 01800 120 5000
  • Maxcom
    Tel: 01800 629 2662