English-language Media in Mexico

Information about the local and international English-language print and broadcast media that is available in Mexico...

A wide selection of foreign publications, magazines and newspapers in English are available from newsstands and bookstores around Mexico. Cable, satellite or Internet-based television is available with a choice of English-language channels.

Newspapers and Magazines

Most major publications are available online as well as in print. For a more portable digital version, apps like the Mail Plus App from the UK's Daily Mail Group allow the latest news to be read on a phone or tablet, often for much less than the cost of a subscription.

There is one English-language newspaper for Mexico City. The News is available in print at many newsstands, and online. It has Mexican and world news as well as sections dedicated to sports, business and living.

Additionally, there are a number of regional and online publications in English, generally in tourist destinations, or areas with large expatriate communities; while their content tends to be specific to these communities, several have sections dedicated to national news:

  • The Guadalajara Reporter: Newspaper with local, national and international news. Online and print subscriptions available
  • Gringo Gazette: News and classifieds for the local community in Baja California available in print and online, via paid-for subscription only
  • The Yucatan Times: Online news and classifieds for residents and tourists on the Yucatan Peninsula
  • Banderas News: Online news and information for the Puerto Vallarta region
  • Time Contact: Monthly magazine featuring events and classifieds for the foreign community in Mexico

Also useful is the online daily digest of news stories compiled by Mexico News Daily. Stories are generally taken from Mexico’s newspapers and translated into English.

The Mexico Reporter is an independent video editorial site run by journalist Deborah Bonello.

The Mexico Star is an independent online-only news source.

English-language newspapers such as the New York Times or the International Herald Tribune, or magazines such as Time or Tthe Economist can usually be found at Sanborns stores.

Home delivery of a wide variety of English-language magazines and daily newspapers from North America and Europe is available from Toda la Prensa (website in Spanish).


There are a number of English-language Tweeters who pay particular attention to news and what is happening in Mexico City:

  • Deborah Bonello: Deborah Bonello is a freelance video producer and journalist who has been based in Mexico City since 2007
  • Ioan Grillo: Journalist in Mexico focusing on crime
  • Damien Cave: New York Times Correspondent
  • David Agren: Canadian journalist in Mexico City
  • John Holman: Journalist covering Mexico  
  • Adam Raney: Al Jazeera English reporter in Mexity and Latam
  • Shannon Young: Tex-Mex radio reporter and editor