Desserts in Mexico

Find out about some of the most popular desserts served in Mexico, and information about the origin of chocolate...

Desserts are popular, with many local specialities to sample. Common desserts include an egg custard flan with caramel sauce and churros, which are very like doughnuts and are sold by street vendors throughout the country. Sopapillas are made from bread covered in cinnamon and honey.

The richness of Oaxaca’s cuisine is balanced with simple desserts such as nougat, water ices and frozen sweets made from tropical fruits. A typical dessert from Guadalajara is jericalla, which is made from eggs, milk, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. The varied cuisine of the Puebla region has produced many popular desserts including coconut-stuffed lemons, chocolate truffles, marzipan, yemas reales (cooked egg yolks with syrup) and jamoncillos de nuez (a combination of honey and sugar with pecan nuts).


Mexico is considered to have introduced chocolate to the world. It originated as a drink in the Aztec civilisation. Cacao was highly valued in Mayan culture, and large cacao plantations were developed. The cacao tree thrives in the wet tropical regions of the country. However, it was the Spanish who coined the term “chocolate” for the drink which they introduced to Europe. Chocolate is still an important staple in the Mexican diet.