Local Specialities in Mexico

Find out about some of the local specialities served in the different regions of Mexico...

Different regions of the country are renowned for their own foods.

Puebla is considered to offer some of the best of Mexican cuisine, with its mixture of traditional and European cooking techniques. During colonial times many new ways of preparing dishes were created in the region’s monasteries. Puebla’s most famous dishes include molotes or stuffed tortilla dough, chalupas which are corn cups filled with a variety of ingredients, and tinga (shredded meat marinated in a spicy sauce).

In Guadalajara local specialities include a corn and meat soup known as pozole, tacos, enchiladas, sopes (a small thick tortilla) and tamales – corn bread dough steamed in a banana leaf. Another local favorite is tortas ahogadas, which are white bread rolls filled with fried meat and dipped in a spiced tomato sauce.

Food in Oaxaca is known within Mexico for its diverse ingredients and intense, exotic flavors. The region is famous for tlayudas which is made from salted meat (tasajo), beans and a stringy white cheese known as Oaxaca cheese. An unusual foodstuff from the region is chapulines, which are fried grasshoppers. The region’s cuisine is based upon seeds, herbs and meats cured with chili or salt and it is often both spicy and rich. Mole is a traditional sauce from the region. It is a rich mixture of spices, chillies and chocolate of which there are many variations; it is often served over chicken or turkey.

In Mérida the local cuisine reflects the region’s Mayan heritage. It uses a lot of wild boar, pheasant and deer meat which are then seasoned with local spices such as achiote or recado colorado. Popular traditional dishes from the region include lime soup, chicken pibil, poc-chuc (or Mayan roast pork), cochinita pibil (a dish of seasoned suckling pig) and papadzules which are tortillas stuffed with eggs and served with a pumpkin seed sauce.