Public Holidays in Mexico

A calendar of the national vacation days when businesses, schools, government offices and banks may close and most people get the day off in Mexico...

In addition to traditional celebrations and festivities, Mexico observes many statutory and civic holidays.

There are two types of holiday in Mexico:

  1. Compulsory (statutory) holidays: Employees are entitled to take paid statutory holidays (días de asueto or días feriados); if they are required to work, they must be paid their regular wages for the day, plus an extra amount equal to twice their regular pay. Observed statutory holidays (some are only observed in certain states) are also bank, post-office, and school holidays. When a statutory holiday falls on a Saturday, the holiday is taken on Friday, while statutory holidays falling on a Sunday are taken on Monday. The resulting long-weekend is referred to as a puente.
  2. Commonly given (civic) holidays: Employees may also take civic holidays off work but are not entitled to pay.

Festivals are usually related to a religious or cultural observance, but are not statutory holidays. 

  • Visit the Holidays section of the Lifestyle How To Guide for a complete list of statutory and civic holidays, as well as major festivities. 

In addition to being closed for statutory holidays, extended 2-week school closures coincide with important festivals, such as Christmas and Easter. Additionally, schools close for summer holidays from the beginning of July to the 3rd week in August. For more information on school holidays, see The School Year.

Public Holidays 2017

  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 5 February - Constitution Day
  • 6 February - Day off for Constitution Day
  • 10 February - Ash Wednesday
  • 20 March - Day off for Benito Juarez Day
  • 21 March - Benito Juarez Day
  • 24 March - Holy Thursday
  • 25 March - Good Friday
  • 1 May -  Labor Day
  • 5 May - Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla
  • 16 September - Independence Day
  • 12 October - Colombus Day
  • 2 November - Day of the Dead
  • 20 November - Revolution Day
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 31 December - New Year’s Eve