Administration Offices in Mexico City

Contact details for local offices that deal with administrative issues relevant to people living in or moving to Mexico City - driving licenses, immigration, taxes and more...

In January 2016, Mexico City began the process of formally changing its name Distrito Federal, or DF for short, to Ciudad de Mexico, abbreviated as CDMX. This process will take two years to complete and will not be finalized until 2018.

The government has already begun a rebranding campaign. CDMX signs around the city have been installed and taxis have been making the transition to pink and white to fit in with the new brand colors over the past several months. Many government websites are now using CDMX when referring to the city and in their website addresses, and many companies have already followed suit. Google Maps has also begun to reference CDMX rather than DF. However, this transition is uneven, and many government offices and services still make use of DF in their websites and email addresses. For this reason, the names of official government offices and programs (and also their websites) may change with little notice and anyone searching for government services should include both DF and CDMX in their search terms.

Administration Offices in CDMX

There are a number of administration offices at both state and federal level in Mexico that are particularly important for newcomers and residents in Mexico City.

Federal Departments

Processes related to immigration, property purchase, and federal taxes are dealt with at the federal level in Mexico. Some of the most important points of service for foreigners include:


The Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) is responsible for processing residency and work visas, and although certain parts of the process may be completed online, applicants must appear in person at this office to submit documents and collect their residency card.

The office of the INM in Mexico City is located at the following address:

  • At: Homero 1832, Col. Los Morales Polanco
    Tel: (55) 5387 2400
    Open: 09:00–13:00

A personal ID number (Clave Única de Registro de Población - CURP) is assigned with residency cards and can be printed from the website.

Foreign Affairs Department

The Foreign Affairs Department (Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores – SRE) handles a number of issues relevant to foreigners living in Mexico. Information and contact details for the following is available on the SRE website:

Main office of the SRE:

  • At: Plaza Juárez #20, Col. Centro
    Tel: (55) 3886 5100
    Open: Monday to Friday, 09:00-18:00; official ID is required to enter the building
  • Find a list of other SRE offices in Mexico City

Tax offices

The Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT) is a department of the Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público (SHCP). It is often referred to as the Hacienda and is responsible for the Federal Taxpayer's registry number (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes - RFC) that is required in order to work, issue invoices (facturas), and file income tax returns. The SAT is also the starting point when importing vehicles into Mexico.

The SAT website is available with some information in English about these issues; more comprehensive information can be found in the Spanish version.

The main SAT office in Mexico City is located at the following address:

  • At: Centro Nacional de Consulta (CNC), Av. Hidalgo 77, Col. Guerrero
    Tel: (01 800) INFOSAT
    Open: Monday to Thursday 08:30-16:00; Friday 08:30-15:00 (an appointment is advisable)

There are many local SAT offices, and services are also available at Customer Service Centers (Modulos de Servicios) across the city.

State Departments

Certain important government functions are controlled at the state level, for example the regulation of contracts, marriage laws, driving regulations, and more. Municipal services such as water, street cleaning, and maintenance are also organized at state level.

Local taxes, bills and fees

The Secretaría de Finanzas del Gobierno del Distrito Federal is responsible for the collection of state-level taxes and fees, including driver and vehicle fees, fines, water bills, payroll taxes, property taxes, vehicle registration (tarjetas de circulación) and more. Payments for many of these services can be done online (in Spanish). Many payments can also be made at Kioscos de la Tesorería (literally 'Treasury Kiosks', these are small electronic booths where payments can be made for fines and taxes).

Vehicles and driving

The Department of Transport (Secretaría de Movilidad - SEMOVI) is responsible for driving licenses, driving issues, and other issues related to transport (in Spanish)

The Department of the Environment (Secretaría del Medio Ambiente) is responsible for environmental policies, vehicle emissions control, and the Hoy no Circula program (which imposes driving restrictions to reduce the number of cars circulating in Mexico City) and more.

The main office can be found here:

  • At: Plaza de la Constitución 1, 3er Piso, Col. Centro
    Tel: (55) 5345 8187 / (55) 5345 8188

Registry office

The Oficina Central del Registro Civil de la Ciudad de México is responsible for registration and regulations related to civil status - marriage, divorce, civil unions, adoption, birth, marriage and death.

The main office is located here:


The political administration of Mexico City is divided into 16 delegaciones. Each of the offices provides local access points to services provided at state level in Mexico City and most administrative departments or agencies have a local office in each delegación.

Each delegación has a website with links to the most commonly used government services and procedures (trámites). The websites also provide information about local news or events, updates about local construction projects, and local emergency numbers.

Delegation websites (in Spanish):