Mexico City International Airport - Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juarez

Information on Mexico City´s international airport, access, parking and airport facilities...

Mexico City´s Benito Juarez International Airport (IATA code MEX) has two terminals and two runways. It is the second busiest airport in Latin America in terms of passenger numbers (after Guarulhos airport in São Paulo, Brazil) and the busiest in terms of air traffic. It provides direct services to the main airports in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Asia and Europe.

Terminal 1 caters for most long-haul flights, and international and domestic low cost airlines. Terminal 2 caters for Aeromexico (international and domestic) and a small number of international carriers.

Access to the Airport

The airport is located 8 Km from the historic center of Mexico City, 18 Km from the residential and business district of Polanco, and 23 Km from the southern residential district of Pedregal.

Getting to and from the airport

Both terminals of Benito Juarez airport are accessible as follows:

  • Taxis: Normal taxis can be hired to go to the airport; alternatively one of the authorized taxi companies based at the airport can be booked for pick-ups. Authorized taxis may pick up passengers from the airport and journeys must be pre-paid. Prices are fixed and depend on the destination
  • Uber cars can pick up passengers, the app allows for users to indicate at which gate they will meet the car
  • Line 4 of the Metrobús (entrance 7, Terminal 1 and entrance 2, Terminal 2)
  • Buses to and from a number of the main cities in Mexico
  • Metro Line 5 (the “yellow” line from Politécnico to Pantitlan (Terminal Aérea station). The metro station is a short walk from Terminal 1, but may not be practical when carrying heavy bags or during rush hours
  • Shuttle buses from the airport to hotels; boarding is at entrance 4 at Terminal 1, and service can be requested at hotel service counters on the ground floor at Terminal 2
  • Car

Many international car hire firms operate out of both terminals.

Passengers in transit between flights arriving at one terminal and leaving from the other may use the Aereotren monorail service free of charge. This service operates between 05:00 and 22:00 every day.

Transport is available by bus between the two terminals (transportación entre terminales). The bus stops are located at entrance 6, Terminal 1, and entrance 4, Terminal 2.


There are three car parks at the airport. Two serve Terminal 1 (one for domestic flights with 1,971 spaces, the other for international flights with 2,106 spaces). Terminal 2 has one car park with 2,437 spaces. All car parks are monitored 24 hours a day by security cameras. There are no separate areas for short-term and long-term parking. However, the first 24 hours are significantly more expensive than subsequent 24-hour periods.

Preferential parking for people with disabilities is available close to the elevators.

Parking is not allowed outside the entrances to the terminals. Dropping off passengers is permitted.


There is a substantial police presence at the airport at all times. The Federal Police patrol regularly, as do the airport police (recognizable by their orange hats). Security cameras are in operation throughout the airport.

Arriving Passengers (international flights)

All non-Mexican nationals, including diplomats (but excluding permanent residents) are required to fill in a migratory form. Many airlines distribute these forms during the flight to Mexico, but they are also available before going through immigration.

One part of the form is kept by the immigration officer; the other, which the officer stamps, must be kept until departure from Mexico. It will need to be shown when checking in for the return flight out of the country.  Failure to have this document available could lead to denial of boarding; more likely a fine will be imposed.

All international arriving passengers must also fill in a customs declaration form.

Note that baggage tags are often checked by security personnel on leaving the baggage area, and passengers are required to press a button on leaving the area. If the light comes up red the baggage must go through an X-Ray machine before it can leave the arrivals area.

Support on arrival for people with disabilities should be organized at the time of booking with the individual airline.

Departing Passengers

Both terminals of the airport are well provided with facilities.

In general prices tend to be higher at the airport than in the city, especially once passengers have gone through the security gates.

Facilities for People with Disabilities

Both terminals have a number of elevators, ramps and electric walkways.

Chauffeured electric cars are available for pregnant women, the elderly and people with reduced mobility. These are available:

  • In Terminal 1 in the domestic and international departure areas and the domestic car park
  • In Terminal 2 in the departure lounges and the car park.

Tactile paving and braille panels run from the access doors in both terminals to the information kiosks. Unlike some international airports, Benito Juarez International is not a 'silent' airport, so announcements of flight departures can be heard via the Public Address system.

There are special areas in the inter-terminal Aerotren monorail service for pregnant women, the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

Luggage Storage

Luggage storage facilities are available in both terminals. Small and medium sized items can be left in lockers. Larger items and suitcases can be left with the attendant for secure storage.

  • In Terminal 1 the luggage storage is located in Hall E2
  • In Terminal 2 the luggage storage is located between Exits 3 and 4

Lost Property

In Terminal 1 the Lost Property office is located on the Mezzanine floor in Office 102.

  • Tel: (55) 2482 2289
    Open: Monday to Friday from 08:00-21:30, Saturday and Sunday 09:00-16:00

In Terminal 2 the Lost Property office is located in room TLL-01.

  • Tel: (55) 2598 7189
    Open: Monday to Friday from 08:00-21:30, Saturday and Sunday 09:00-16:00

Lost property must be claimed within 30 days. Articles which have been confiscated from departing passengers in the departures areas will also be kept in Lost Property. They must be claimed within 60 days (with the password provided by officials at the time of confiscation).

In order to claim lost property the following information and documents are required:

  • Proof of identity
  • Copy of boarding pass (if a passenger)
  • A description of the property lost – and in the case of luggage, a description of the contents
  • Where the person picking up the goods is not the owner, a letter from the owner authorizing a third party to collect the goods on their behalf.

Airport Hotels

Both terminals have a hotel within the terminal building. Terminal 1 has a Hilton.

  • Tel: (55) 5133 0505
    Fax: (55) 5133 0500

Terminal 2 has an NH Hotel.

  • Tel: (55) 5786 5750

There are several other hotels near the airport within walking distance (not advisable with luggage), or accessible by a short taxi ride.