Mexican Driving Licenses

Find out about getting a Mexican driving license and details of driving license authorities in Mexico...

Anyone without a valid driving license in Mexico must obtain a Mexican driving license before they can drive on Mexican roads. The minimum age to drive a car in Mexico is 18 years old.

Policy on requirements for driving licenses and obligatory driving tests varies throughout the states of Mexico, so it is advisable to check with governmental websites for each state. Some states require completion of theory and practical driving tests; Mexico City will begin implementing driving tests in 2016.

Driving License Authorities in Mexico

Information about the requirements for getting a driving license in some of the states of Mexico can be found through the links below (note that all websites are in Spanish only).

  • Aguascalientes - Proof of attendance of a road course at a Directorate General of Public Security and State Roads office is required
  • Baja California - Theory test required
  • Campeche - Medical certificate and proof of theory and practical driving course required
  • Chihuahua - Blood type and theory test required
  • Coahuila de Zaragosa - Driving test certificate (Examen de Manejo) required
  • Durango - Practical and theory test and blood type required
  • Estado de México - Theory exam required
  • Jalisco - Theory, practical and eye test required
  • Mexico City - Testing to be implemented in 2016 
  • Michoacán - Medical and driving test certificate (Examen de Manejo) required
  • Nueva León
  • Puebla - An eye test, and theory and practical test required
  • Sonora - Medical exam and driving test certificate required
  • Yucatan - Theory and practical test required